Fascinating Facts About Norway

31 May by marycimeni

Fascinating Facts About Norway

1.Norway is a Scandinavian Country 

We Norwegians will in general accept that Norway is the focal point of the earth and everybody knows what our identity is. Truly Norway isn’t pretty much as extensive as we need to accept and everybody doesn’t realize that Norway even is a country. 

Norway is a Scandinavian country with around 5.2 million individuals and has various occasions been named probably the best spot to live as well as visit. 

2.Polar Bears don’t Walk in the Streets 

A typical misguided judgment is that Polar Bears walk the roads in Norway. This is, luckily, not the situation. Indeed, there are no wild Polar Bears on territory Norway. 

3.The Norwegian cash is NOK (Norwegian Krone) 

The cash we use in Norway is the Norwegian Krone. In this way, in case you’re going with just Euro you will not make significant progress. The Norwegian Krone was as of late debilitated which implies that in case you’re venturing out to Norway soon it will be less expensive than what it was just a single year prior. 

It ought to be referenced that Norway is utilizing less and less money. You can for the most part anything with a charge card, even cabs and franks! That implies that it is anything but an emergency in the event that you neglected to bring cash. 

4. Most Norwegians Speak English 

Don’t know Norwegian? Don’t worry about it! Most of Norwegians communicates in English. Despite the fact that some are somewhat bashful to have a full discussion, they can see most and to assist you with any inquiries you may have. 

In this way, don’t fear saying howdy to an outsider! 

5. Norway is a Safe Country to Visit 

Norway is known to be probably the most secure country on the planet. Crime percentages are incredibly low even in significant urban communities like Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger. 

Similarly as with some other metropolitan regions, you should avoid potential risk yet there’s very little to fear. In any event, strolling alone during the night is moderately protected and the odds are little that you’ll turn into the survivor of a wrongdoing.

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