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Traveling to Colombia

 Are you ready to travel to Columbia? Fortunately, we have got some smart tips that will make your travel truly memorable. Read on and learn how to get by in Columbia.

Try not to ‘give papaya’

The Colombian expression ‘no dar papaya’ – in a real sense, ‘don’t give a papaya’ – fundamentally implies don’t make yourself an obvious objective. Indeed, it feels somewhat like casualty accusing now and then, however all they’re truly saying is that you shouldn’t stroll around evening time blazing your extravagant iPhone or shiny new camera or leave your sack hanging open on open transports.

Take taxis around evening time

Road burglary can frequently happen in vacationer regions after dull – neighborhoods like Bogota’s La Candelaria are clamoring by day however get totally silent around evening time, so it’s in every case best to get a taxi, regardless of whether you don’t have far to walk. For instance, the way back from the Monserrate passageway can be very dangerous after dull and, despite the fact that it’s a short stroll from that point to most inns, it’s not worth the danger.  

Gain proficiency with some fundamental Spanish

Dislike talking some Spanish will fundamentally keep you from being burglarized or anything, however having the option to speak with probably some certainty won’t just cause you to feel more calm, it will likewise stop others from attempting to exploit you as an outsider. In addition, how much more pleasant is an outing when you can visit to local people?

Use taxi applications

There are a few taxi applications accessible to use in Colombian urban communities – the most well known ones are Tappsi and Cabify – so there’s no reason for simply getting one off the road in the dead of night. In the event that you don’t have telephone information, ask your inn or the bar or café to arrange you a taxi and they will joyfully oblige.

Watch out for your beverage

In spite of the fact that its predominance has been colossally overstated by a few news sources and narratives, drink spiking with the medication ‘burundanga’ does once in a while occur in Colombia, particularly in large urban communities. Try not to acknowledge a beverage from an outsider or leave your beverage unattended in bars and clubs.

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